SQLite Expert Professional v5.4.37.582 Full Terbaru Version Download 2023

Download SQLite Expert Professional v5.4.37.582 Full Crack adalah aplikasi yang dirancang bagi anda yang sering berkecimpung dengan database SQLite dan pastinya dapat anda download dengan gratis di gigapurbalingga ini.

SQLite Expert Professional Crack

Aplikasi yang satu ini dirancang bagi anda yang membutuhkan sebuah software mudah dan kuat dalam pengembangan database SQLite. Software ini dirancang khusus untuk memenuhi semua kebutuhan anda mulai dari menulis query SQL yang sederhana hingga query SQL yang kompleks.

SQLite Expert Professional Portable

SQLite Expert Professional Portable is an extremely capable SQLite3 database manager. It not only provides sophisticated GUI features to assist you to edit databases, but it also allows you to type queries on your own if you need to conduct a really complicated query.

The programme supports almost all SQLite3 functions. To get started, just create a new database or open an existing one. If you are new to SQLite3, you may open a sample database to observe how everything works.

Antarmuka dari aplikasi  ini mendukung semua fitur dari pengembangan database SQLLite, misalnya visual query builder, an SQL editor with syntax highlighting and code completion, visual table and view designers, dan banyak lagi lainnya. Jadi tunggu apalagi, segera saja anda Download SQLite Expert Professional Full Crack ini sekarang juga.

Feature Of SQLite Expert Professional Full Crack :

  • Manage SQLite3 databases: create a database, and view/change parameters.
  • Repair damaged databases
  • Database DDL compares tool.
  • Online backup of databases.
  • Check integrity, reindex all tables, and transaction support.
  • Supports attached databases and SQLite extensions.
  • Manage tables: create, delete, rename, reindex.
  • Restructure tables: fields, indexes, foreign keys, unique and check constraints, and triggers.
  • Manage views: create, delete, rename, restructure. Manage view triggers.
  • Supports temporary tables and views.
  • Supports virtual tables including RTREE, FTS3 and FTS4.
  • Includes ICU extension.
  • Advanced SQL editor with code completion and syntax highlighting.
  • Multiple SQL tabs.
  • Advanced data editing capabilities in the grid: image, BLOB and text editors.
  • Custom and predefined data types.
  • Copy/Paste records and tables between databases via clipboard.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Customize the look and feel of the application using skins.
  • Visual SQL Query Builder.
  • Copy tables between databases using drag and drop.
  • Supports encrypted databases, if an SQLite library with encryption support is provided.
  • Supports SQLite auto extensions.
  • Export data to Excel, XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, ADO data sources, SQL script, and SQLite database.
  • Import data from ADO data source, SQL script, SQLite, CSV, and TSV.
  • Send the contents of any grid to the printer or export it to a PDF file.
  • Generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements based on the visible fields on the current table.
  • Lua and Pascal scripting support.

ventajas en SQLite

  • Los beneficios de seleccionar y utilizar SQLite son la primera parada en nuestra lista de ventajas y desventajas de SQLite.

Es un sistema sin servidor.

  • SQLite no tiene servidor, lo que significa que no necesita un servidor para funcionar. En la lista de ventajas y desventajas de SQLite, esta es una ventaja. Debido a que la base de datos no tiene servidor, no se requieren actividades del servidor para que funcione.

Peso ‘Lite’

  • SQLite es una opción ligera y sencilla. No está cargado de características innecesarias. No necesita ninguna configuración (gracias a ser serverless). Tampoco necesita mucha administración de base de datos y tiene pocos recursos necesarios.
  • En pocas palabras, es básico y fácil de usar.

Rendimiento autosuficiente

  • SQLite suele ser más rápido que una solución basada en servidor o basada en archivos. Esto se debe al hecho de que simplemente carga datos esenciales en lugar de archivos completos.
  • SQLite, dado que es autónomo, no necesita mucha ayuda del sistema operativo o de una biblioteca externa, etc., lo que contribuye a la eficiencia de su rendimiento.


  • So far, everything seems to be going well. However, there are some bad items in our list of SQLite benefits and drawbacks.

It does not have network access.

  • One of the benefits of SQLite is that it is serverless, which increases performance and reduces complexity. However, it also implies that the database is limited to the system on which it is kept. It does not, for example, support remote work on another PC.

SQLite expert professional is not appropriate for large-scale applications.

  • SQLite is lightweight and tiny, making it ideal for use on a desktop or phone as local storage with a minimal footprint. SQLite is less suitable for larger projects with many concurrent users and a large amount of data. These applications need a far more robust, server-based DBMS.

It has a small database size.

  • This takes us to the next point on our SQLite pros and drawbacks list. That is, its data size is restricted. Because SQLite keeps the complete database in a single disc file, the file’s size is limited by the system you’re using. So, if you want a large database, you should generally consider a client/server DBMS.

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  • Instal softwarenya seperti biasa.
  • Buka programnya, klik Help >> Register >> Cari file license yang sudah kami sediakan di dalam folder crack tadi.
  • Selesai.

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